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20 janvier 2008



ahaha pas mal :)


hihihi j'aime bien ^^


lol...c'est quoi le principe?

james lopez

When my aunt was alive and I was her primary caregiver for awhile, and even after she moved to the nursing home, we still spent many a day in the hospital. She had numerous health issues, and it didn’t take much to push her to the point of needing help, which made a hospital stay a necessity. I realize that a hospital stay is not a vacation day at the spa, that whatever is wrong, that is what you are wrapped in mentally, very often to the point of not noticing much of anything else. But, as after you spend countless hours, sitting with your loved one, you do become aware of your surroundings and very often those in charge of caring for you or for your loved one.
In our case, we became pretty familiar with the nurses, and I always found it a joy to see the variety of scrubs that they wear now. It hasn’t been all that long ago, that the primary color for a nurse’s attire was white. The variety of colors and the selections they have now are awesome, and that added color in a hospital room sometimes makes all the difference. They just brighten the room with the bright colors and printed materials. We have several ladies that attend our church that are nurses. I don’t know where they purchase their scrubs, but I am going to shoot them an email tonight with this website. http://www.cheapscrubset.com has a variety of scrubs with super prices. They have several colors to choose from — jackets, lab coats, prints & pattern tops as well as the typical scrub sets. Their easy to navigate website allows even the novice computer operator to order with ease.

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